Shape My City: Networks Group

This will serve for now as the projects official home page. It is just a sketch for now but over time I hope it can become a place for people in the GTA who are interested in networks to connect. I was part of the Network Science Reading Group at the University of Waterloo for the past couple of years but this Shape My City Networks Group is not an academic or research group - there is more scope here for active exploration, collaboration and learning at whatever level people step in at.

We are making use of networks in a lot of ways to try to get a handle on how complex the interactions around us are.

The best way for something good to happen will be to meet and I'll set something up in the next while if there is interest and in a location that would make sense for people who join the group. I'm from Hamilton but regularly travel to Toronto for meetings and projects.

Just yesterday I came across this web article that included a hand drawn social network from the German Secret Police. The person in the centre was the individual they were spying on and trying to build a case against. There are lots of interesting aspects to this and hopefully it signals that exploring networks does not require digital technology or interests.

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