Daniel Lebiskind's TED talk on the 17 words of architecture

There is a great deal to consider, react to, wrestle with, challenge and contemplate in this brief and very intensive talk given by Lebiskind. My summary of thoughts and reactions to the ROM in Toronto the first time I experienced it are very congruent with this talk. I had tried not to read too much, listen too much before having experienced the building itself. I very much prefer to experience something like that on my own first, and then there may be time and context for hearing from others.

My approach to art galleries is similar. I don't just look for what I'm supposed to see or spend time with pieces that are supposed to be important. I view and think about pieces, very attentive to what I react with. I let that be my guide. It isn't narcissism or egotism, it is a way of learning to listen and feel in ways that much of contemporary society denies us.

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Len Hjalmarson said...

Fascinating! I wish I had had more time to spend on aspects of the built environment the past year or two. I published a book on theology of place that incorporated some of what I had learned, but its another growing edge!