I've been following InnoCentive from early on, ever since I first came across it in the burgeoning field of collaboration thinking and practice. For those of you who may not have heard about InnoCentive, this brief video is a great explanation of how it works.

I am interested in InnoCentive at two levels. The first is participation as a solver and potential seeker. The second is as a platform. I think the second is far more important and more profound. As a functional brokering of problems and problem solvers that is commercial, sizable, substantive, and growing, we must keep iterating this platform in ways that suit other settings. 

Here are some possible platform spaces for this to be expanded into (or grown as there are some entries in some categories already):
  • Think tanks (there are 6500 globally and the number is growing)
  • Universities (Yaffle.ca is a good example but there must be much more it these kinds of projects)
  • Disenfranchised PhD grads (this pool must be tapped, coordinated and motivated to apply their knowledge to current challenges)
  • Libraries and databases (where search rankings and other trending data are married to people who are working in those areas or who could work in those areas)
  • Intellectual capital in the developing world (those who don't have institutional access but who have a great deal to offer)
  • Other educational spaces (imagine a richly connected network of schools at all levels where real problems were being contemplated by all kinds of students around the globe)

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